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P.O. Box 588
Brookfield, WI 53008-0588

Bookings: (262)790-0011

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Talent Associates 50+ Years of Entertainment
Glam Band
The Glam Band.... is a 6 piece band bringing that brings a KILLER decadent 80s rock show to venues across Green Bay WI and The Fox Cities!




18 & Life
Ainít Talkiní Bout Love
All She Wrote
All the Love
Any Way You Want It
Back For More
Bad Medicine
Bark at the Moon
Big City Nights
Breakiní the Chains
Breakiní the Law
California Girls
Crazy Train
Cum on Feel the Noise
Donít Stop Believiní
Donít Tell Me You Love Me
Donít Treat Me Bad
Down Boys
Every Rose Has Itís Thorn
Fallen Angel
Feel Your Love Tonight
Fight For Your Right
Final Countdown
Fire Woman
Fly to the Angels
Girls, Girls, Girls
Here I Go Again
High Enough
Home Sweet Home
I Remember You
I Wanna Rock
In My Dreams
Itís So Easy
Knockiní On Heavenís Door
Kickstart My Heart
Lick it Up
Liviní on a Prayer
Look What the Cat Dragged In
Looks that Kill
Love Gun
Love of a Lifetime
Love Song
Metal Health
More than Words
Mr. Brownstone
Never Enough
Nothiní But a Good Time
Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Paradise City
Pour Some Sugar on Me
Rainbow in the Dark
Raise Your Hands
Rebel Yell
Ride the Wind
Rock Me
Rock of Ages
Rock You Like a Hurricane
Round & Round
Runniní With the Devil
Same Old Situation
Separate Ways
Shout at the Devil
Shake Me
Shot in the Dark
Sister Christian
Slide It In
Smooth Up In Ya
Somebody Save Me
Stone In Love
Sweet Child oí Mine
Talk Dirty to Me
The Final Countdown
The Flame
Thing Called Love
To Be With You
Turn up the Radio
Uncle Tomís Cabin
Unskinny Bop
Up All Night
Wanted Dead or Alive
We All Die Young
Weíre Not Going to Take It
Welcome to the Jungle
Wild Side
You Give Love a Bad Name
You Really Got Me
Your Love
Youth Gone Wild

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